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From Debbie Gardner in Florida. Proud owner of Merfe (Daisy & Scooter litter)
Merfe has become a loving member of our family. He has changed the outlook of everyone. My mother who is depressed laughs and smiles for the first time in 10 years. My husband has forgotten he has cancer for a time. His cancer will be cured by surgery next month we hope.   The first 3 weeks we played and spent most of our time with Merfe and did little else. A great time was had by all.
Merfe is thriving and spoiled. He is learning his manners every day. He can sit, lay down, come, and stay (not very long) on command. He has learned a lot in 4 weeks. He loves to ride on my shoulders in the car. I am not sure how much longer I can let him do this.
Most of the time he rides in his car seat which is elevated enough for him to see out the window and  has a seat belt restraint to keep him safe in case of an accident.
Merfe has a regular play ground with his pool and sandbox on the patio.
He loves the water. He is now runs to the pool jumps in, sticks his head underwater, blows bubbles (just like you said he would), and jumps out and runs to the sandbox to dig. We have as much fun watching him have fun as he does.
Our Vet Dr. Santell has fallen in love with Merfe. A lot of the Vet’s at his practice have never seen an American Hunt Terrier. So in the beginning Merfe was a source of curiosity. Merfe now has every one of the doctors and staff falling in love with him. Doctor Santell complimented you on the wonderful job you did. He said Merfe is a really good dog and one of the smartest he has seen in a long time.
Dr. Santell said Merfe is so smart that he  will be interested to see in the end who controls who.
Merfe has a wonderful temperament and  is the sweetest dog our family has ever had. He is also one of the smartest. He is so inquisitive and  learns thing extremely fast.
It is scary how smart he is.We got Merfe a Tell Bell to ring when he needed to go outside. The manual said it could take weeks or up to a few months for the dog to get the idea and ring the bell.
Merfe was going to the door and ringing the bell in 4 days. We had him house trained in less than 2 weeks. He is amazing.
Merfe did extremely well with his invisible fence training. Stuart the owner of the fence company has been serving South Florida for close to 20 years. He has never seen a puppy catch on so quick. He said that normally they start puppies with an indoor unit first and then move to the outside training at  about 3 months. Stuart said that it would probably take about 1 to 2 months to complete the training.Merfe had learned the outside fence first. He knew the system and boundaries  in less than 2 weeks. We then moved on the inside training which should have taken a week or so. Merfe was totally trained in 2 hours. Merfe did the same thing with his doggie door. Stuart said the door training may take a couple of 1 hour sessions. Merfe was running in and out of the door in less than 15 minutes. Merfe has the run of the back yard now. With our supervision of course.
Merfe made the cover of the treasure coast invisible fence newsletter this month. He is such a ham when he has his pictures taken. The next  picture after the sandbox picture in the attachments is of Merfe with his invisible fence collar in the back yard.


He loves people
like i mean loves people and we've been introducing him to so many people
and never gets tired of meeting somebody new and he's met a few dogs and
all he wants to do is play. I have a friend who is interested in getting a dog and is
in love with Kobi and his breed. She's been trying to convince her husband
to getting a dog but his concern is b/c they have a cat that is probably
going through his last couple of months and wanted to wait to see what
happens with him first but they both said if they were to get one they
would want one just like Kobi. They have 2 young kids that they have
introduced to Kobi as well and they can't get enough of him. So probably
next summer if you are having another litter of them you most likely have a
definite sale!
Stephanie Chiarelli

Hi Dorthe
Ziva continues to be an absolute joy! She is so social - loves everyone - gets along with any dog, yet is so loyal and attached to John and I an Gwen. She loves hiking in the mountains with me and Gwen and company or napping on daddy's lap is great too. We are a very happy family and thank you for such a wonderfull dog.
Take care
Tryon, North Carolina

Ziva and Gwen

Hi Dorthe
Patches (Molly + Bailey 2nd litter) is home and doing fine. I sure missed today. When I went to pick her up this afternoon after her operation (spaying) and micro chipping, her vet was sitting holsing her just like a baby. She is so sweet and I'm so happy we adopted her. She sleeps in our bed at night but she will sleep in the cage for tonight (maybe). I'm sure she'll want in the bed though and I don't want her to get lonely. I want you to know how happy I am you chose me to be her new mom. I could never give her back.
Again thanks to you both
Barb Disotell
Cornwall, Ontario



Hello Dorthe!

We just wanted to let you know how Gunner is doing. I created you a short presentation with some pictures, that I know you will enjoy. Right now we are having difficulties loading it, but we promise to have it to you as soon as possible. Gunner is such a great little guy, and has already brought tones of much needed joy to our family! The ride home was long, but he was never sick, and has yet to make an accident in the house (woo-hoo!) He slept through the whole night that night, and has been a very busy lad, playing and having fun with the kids, cats, and his new big brother Tucker. He loves swimming in the pool, and digging outside! We couldn’t be happier; he is one of a kind! Thank you so very much! We will keep in touch with you, just to keep you updated.

- The Gaudin Family


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