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The following questions will be asked of you so that the right puppy can be placed with it's new owner, depending on the various requirements of both the puppy and the new owner. I hope that you will agree that the puppy's welfare must be my foremost consideration in considering a placement.
1.  Have you ever a dog before, more importantly, have you ever owned a Jack Russell / Hunt terrier before?
2.  Who will be the primary caregiver?
3.  Where will the puppy be kept during the night / day?
4.  Is anyone home during the day?
5.  How many hours on average will the puppy be left alone?
6.  Will there be somebody available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day? (a puppy needs to fed 3 times during the first few months of it's life)
7.  Do you have any other animals?  Terriers are bred to hunt and kill small furry animals.
8.  Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages?
9.  Does anyone in your household have allergies to animals?
10. How did you hear about this breed?
11. What do you expect the activity level of this breed to be: very high   high   moderate  
12.  Do you have a fenced yard or suitable pen?
13 How many hours a day will the dog be kept outside?. (Please understand that I do not sell a dog to anyone where the dog will only be kept outside. My dogs are family dogs and to be kept as part of the family)
14. Have you ever house trained a dog before?
15.  Will you be attending any training classes? I highly recommend at least puppy classes.
16.  If yes, at what age will you start, which activities or competitions are you interested in?
17.  How long did your last pet live? What were the circumstances?
18.  Have you ever returned a pet to a breeder? If so, what were the circumstances?
19.  Have you ever given a pet away? If so, what were the circumstances?
20.  Are you willing to sign a spay/neuter contract? I very seldom sell dogs for breeding.

Jack Russells are like potato chips, you can't just have one